Regulation of Online Poker Market

Just a couple of years ago online poker was a type of activity that had never been supported by authorities. A lot of players preferred to play poker at online casinos exclusively, and poker even had become a sports game absolutely legal even at countries where gambling is prohibited, but no one of online gamblers could find a support from authorities if he once had problems with online gambling. It made online gambling less attractive, as each of the poker gamblers who preferred real gambling had all of the benefits concerning protection and legality, while online gamblers had none of them. But nothing can last forever and in 2013 the changes had come.

First Steps of Making Online Poker Legal

This news has turned over the entire world, and became the biggest gambling event of 2013. Nothing can be ever compared with this event, as that was a first step to make online gambling legal which can assure the protection of all online gamblers. Online poker became legal at several states of the USA. Of course, Nevada, the most known of all gambling spots, became of the first place where online poker players became protected. Along with Nevada, several more states supported the idea of making poker legal.

Legality is probably the most essential point of regulation gambling market. In this way authorities may be sure that all of the services offered by online casinos do not work against legal issues, and each of the players is protected by the law.

Licensing and Certification

As online poker rooms still have no support in most states and countries, they can ensure their safety with some of the licenses that they can receive in countries where online gambling is legal, check it out. In most cases online casinos get license that proves not only their high quality but also security in Malta, Alderney, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Costa Rica, Australia, Curacao, Dominican republic, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Estonia, and Italy.

In Canada the situation is a bit trickier. While it is prohibited by local Criminal Law to operate online poker site on the territory of the country, playing at such site is perfectly legal. In addition, Canadian residents are also allowed to play in foreign poker rooms, assuming that the room itself accepts players from the country. However, there are certain restrictions that may apply, so you’ll need to know additional special info on this topic.

For example, such restrictions may be found with online payment services. Canadian online gambling sites operate through third party financial institutions that are theoretically able to decline any monetary transaction in case they follow laws or policies prohibiting them from accepting transactions for gambling purposes. In order to find out additional details about those restrictions from reliable sources and much more – we keep coming back to such questions from time to time at our web-site.

Besides, all the poker rooms that want to prove that they offer really good gambling services usually get the approval of eGOGRA and Gaming Board commissions. When you see that place where you are going to play has these approvals, you may be sure that you have chosen really good place to play.

Problems with Regulations

Thought there are some institutions that work with online poker rooms, their number is still insufficient. Taking into consideration the fact that players from all over the world play online, even in countries where gambling is prohibited, and keeping in mind the fact that number of gambling houses is really huge, the system of  poker gambling regulation still should be developed. Only some basic steps are made now, but it is necessary to work in this way to make poker gambling really safe for players.