Online Glossary of Poker Terms

Aggressive -

A style of playing which is characterized by raising and re-raising frequently.

Bottom Pair -

When a player pairs the lowest card in case there are three cards of various ranks at the flop in any type of flop game.

Counterfeit -

When a player’s good hand becomes less powerful due to cards that are revealed at the table during the flop games.

Dealer-Advantage Game -

Any poker game with the dealer having an advantage

Edge -

(1) A position that has advantages. (2) The dealer or at times the Age.

Fundamental Position -

The player's hand’s value in comparison to the hands of the other players

Gleek -

{1) A Three of a kind hand. (2) An old English card game.

Hole-Card Stud -

A Five-card stud where betting begins at the first hole card

It -

Usually it would refer to the highest amount a player has bet in a particular round

King without the Mustache -

Any game where the wild card is the king of hearts

Long Studs -

Stud poker game where more than five cards are dealt to every player

Monster -

Any strong hand which has very high chances to win the pot.

One-Eye Jacks Pot odds -

The amount of money that will cost a player to call on a bet in accordance to the ratio of the chips that are already there in the potAny game where the jack of spade and the jack of heart is a wild card.

Pot odds -

The amount of money that will cost a player to call on a bet in accordance to the ratio of the chips that are already there in the pot

Progressive Poker -

A game of poker where the ante, the bets placed, and the requirements for opener would increase after a pot passes

Round of Betting -

The sequence of action where every player can check, open, bet, raise, or drop.

Rack -

All card rooms and Casinos would generally provide racks made from plastic that have the capacity to hold 100 chips in 5 stacks of 20.

Show One Show All -

A few card rooms implement a rule that when a player shows his cards to anyone present at the table they could be asked to show the cards to everyone else too.

Straddle -

(1) A raise which is compulsory or forced in nature (Blind Raise). (2) The right given to a player to buy the position of a last-bettor

Take Out -

The number of chips that a player would start with in a table stake.

Tells -

The actions, signs, habits or characteristics of a particular player that make his intentions or his hand clear to the other players on the table

Unlimited Poker -

Poker where no limit is placed on the amount a player can bet or raise.

Vigorish -

The amount charged by a house for organizing a game.

Wedges -

The tapered or shaved cards which can be pulled away from the deck when required by the cheating player.

Whiskey Poker -

Draw poker game that has widow cards which can be changed from a player’s hand.

X Marks the Spot -

Refer to Crisscross

You Roll Two -

Refer to New Guinea Stud.