Grapevine Talk Spikes Zynga Share Rise

It was just over a year ago that the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed an Internet gambling Bill created by, amongst others, State Senator Raymond Lesniak. Back then Christie was worrying if the proposed bill was even legal, but it seems he has had a change of heart that has set pulses racing around the world of Internet gambling and Slots Online.

If online gambling finds it way into Ney Jersey it will be the third State to do so in the past few years. The prospect of more following has got the grapevine buzzing. One such company that is being singled out as a potential winner in all of this is Zynga. Founded back in 2007, the American firm has been the number one supplier of social media games for companies such as Facebook and many of the Best Blackjack online sites. With access to over one billion users on the Facebook interface alone, it seems Zynga has a license to print money.

Zynga’s stock has seen its biggest leap in the past six months, soaring 11% to $3.43 a share (a rise of 34 cents). This is nowhere near its high of $15.91, but the trend is a positive one. It is no coincidence that the rise in share price comes as New Jersey plans to introduce online gambling. One view on offer is the new Internet gambling laws in the States will be introduced to ensure that the money generated stays in the U.S. That would mean tighter laws on companies trading from outside the U.S, and with Zynga being U.S owned, it could mean the dice could roll heavily in their favour.