In This Article We Are Going to Talk about Turns in Betting.

Many people ignore the turns or do not give much importance to it. But the turns can be very crucial sometimes. Many people have even forget about turns because do not understand the strategy of it. We are going to give you some useful tips about how turns can change the game in your favor. It really seems easier to think about it as some useless bet round in between flop & river, but that isn't going to bring you money now is it? So, stay with us and learn the tips from Doctor Jack, a resident poker pro.

How to play the Turns:-

You give much importance to the flop. If you want to win then you must pay that much effort on turns too. This is the basic of turns now we will go little deeper in it.

You need to analyze the situation before you are going to use turn. There are certain things you need to know before placing the turn cards. They are-

•    You must whether the card is scary for your opponent or not.

•    You must make sure that your card is beneficial for you and not for them.

•    It is important to know what your opponent thinks of the turn card.

If you are clear about all these point in your brain then you can surely improve and can use turn cards in a better way.

Remember, you are there to win and you must not waste your money by taking the wrong decision.

Do not become over confident with your good hand:

If you get a better hand that can help you to place your bet but it is you who need to use the cards at right time. Do not give your opponents any chance and make a decent bet.

Do not think your hand is a losing one.

You must be ready to check and fold any of the actions. You need play the flops very carefully so that you can call off the bet right on time to win the pot. If the flop does not work then you need to check and then fold the bet.

In case you have a drawing hand.

If your hand is just mediocre then you can still play on the odds if in case your opponent bets. If you have used flop with the draw then you can bet again. But you must not try this if you are not sure about your action and confused getting the money.

Are you confused whether you are wining or not?

It is a tricky situation and you need to check and pray that you can see the next card for free. On any street of Hold’em you need to know everything otherwise you may end up losing. Especially if you are playing big pots always gather all the information.

You must try to avoid getting into this type of tricky and confusing situation in betting.

Are you confident about winning?

When you opponents bet you obviously raise or re-raise. And if your opponent checks then you bet. You opponent can improve their hands in those turns and that is why you must observe it carefully. If your opponent cannot even win on the river then you are not going to get large amount of money from them.

If you know you definitely have a losing hand.

You can check and fold while betting. But you must try to play little passively in this situation you can try bluffing too only if you are confident about it.

You think having drawing hand.

This is a real interesting situation. You must check whether you did the bet on flop and if so then continue with your bet and turn. If you do this your opponent will get the chance to fold and the pot will become bigger if in case you win that.

Are you confused if you can win or not.

Before concluding anything you must check what is happening on the river. You can try to bluff there but be careful and play it very safe.

Turns and its applications- overview

This was a real tough article to jot down everything. There are many other points you can learn while playing poker. I tried listing the main point here hopefully you will get benefited from these.