Playing Slow and Patiently in Poker Pays Off

We live in a world where we have to be fast paced if we want to handle everything on time and this can be quite tiring. And that is why many poker players too play the game so fast that they end up ruining it. Poker is a game that requires a lot of thinking and patience.There are plenty of books and guides that provide instructions, guides and strategies for playing poker but when we read them we do not read through it properly enough to grasp the actual meaning, we just skim through it too fast. We do not take the time to actually take the time to really learn. We need to slow down and absorb the true meaning of what we read and what we learn. We should be taking notes and highlighting the basic learning. If you really want to be successful at poker you should be taking it as a formal education class and studying it meticulously.

Recently, a person was playing at an online single table. He got a two pair on the flop and he put in a bet and got called by two players. The card at the turn was scary because it could mean a possible flush. The person made a fast move and he lost his entire stack to an opponent who had an ace high flush. And without even blinking an eye he straightaway went in to play another game. And that game was a slot machine. There are lots of slots games that are offered online and casinos for ios and android. However, you can always find a place which will offer you the highest payouts and the most attractive bonuses. The slots are so much easy and very quick which means that you are able to earn millions within the shortest time and without any strains.

Be considerable

The point here is that the first wrong move he made was that though two opponents called and even though there was a flush draw at the flow, he still went ahead and played the game. He did not really think about what he was doing. And on top of that when he lost he just shifted to another game in a flash of a second.

In fact, the person believed that shifting to another game quickly enough helped him from tilting after he had bad losses. What was wrong here is that from leaving a table too quickly and entering another one quickly he wouldn’t have any time to learn from his own mistakes. He shifted his focus too quick so he would not be able to evaluate how his past performance was. He did not think of how he should be improving his play to not make the same mistake again. If we do not really slow down than we would never be able to learn, we would keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Poker is a slow game; you would not be able to learn it in a month or even a year. To be a real master at the game you would have to dedicate your life to it. If you keep on learning from your every hand, then you can definitely improve. You should never have the intention of learning the game as fast as you can. You should in fact be ready to actually dedicate as much time as it would take to truly understand the teachings and strategies. Even while playing, you should never be in a hurry.

If you be patient and give enough thought to your hands and if you evaluate your play critically then you would be able to spot and correct your mistakes. Slowing down has its benefits.