World Series of Poker 2013

The event schedule has now been announced for the WSOP 2013, there promises to be a lot of excitement during the series as there is now a record high of 62 events taking place, although a lot are attracting attention for different reasons, one notable announcement came in the form of the women’s NHLE tournament.

What’s noteworthy about it is that this year it is just a $1,000 buy in for women but if a man wants to pit his wits against the opposite sex at the poker table, he will have to pay ten times more than and have a buy in of $10,000. The women’s event has been part of series since 1992 and has always had a $1,000 buy in but this year it seems that the officials and powers that be have decided to take a new approach to trying to dissuade men from trying to participate in these tournaments and keep them for women only. They have tried different formats over the last three years to try and keep it a women exclusive event but it seems this year they have come up with the perfect way to make men think twice about entering this event. Although, in most states it would be illegal for a different price for each sex in the state if Nevada where the series is being held it is perfectly legal.

People have begun to respond to this change in buy in price and some have said it is a great solution to the on-going issue of having men competing with the women, but some have also said that it could also end up causing more issues in the future. It seems only time will tell whether or not this new change in the system will be effective and problem free.